Weighing and dosing

Weighing and dosing

To ensure constant quality, weighing and dosing your raw and auxiliary materials accurately is important. We developed our proprietary mixing, weighing and dosing system. 3 in 1 for the perfect mix.

Preparing a recipe or managing an inventory requires a tailored approach. In any case, it is best that you strive for a complete control of your production process. Then, even the smallest detail makes a big difference.

Main components: SILOBA PROCESS CONTROLLER (SPC) or customised PLC system

For the heavier weighing operations from the large silos, a weighing hopper is installed, potentially supplemented with filters and extraction units. We designed our proprietary system for existing and new silo installations. In fact, the SPC combines three tasks:

  • Weighing
  • Dosing
  • Mixing

How does the SPC work? Thanks to a large internal memory, it keeps track of your recipes and inventory in units or weight (kg, g or l). The extensive and user-friendly operating software and communication options make the system a good fit for the automation of craft and industrial businesses.

Main benefit? Time savings and increased accuracy with the performance of daily tasks.

We are happy to review your unique situation and will provide a customised PLC system if needed.

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Small components: SILOBA micro-dosing

In some areas, you require extra accurate dosing of the raw materials. The more sophisticated work, if you will. Solution: the semi-automatic dosing unit for raw materials.

  • High dosing capacity
  • Various adjustable volumes
  • Secured filling port
  • Optimal batch transport
  • 100% hygienic and non-corrosive

Micro-dosing or loss-in-weight systems ensure the accurate dosing of virtually all raw materials. Includes extraction based on the product and transport. Perfect for integration in a total concept.

Water dosing

Every production process varies and requires a unique approach. For water, for example, specific water dosing units and coolers are available to ensure that the dough temperature remains constant. How does it work?

The flour temperature is measured in the weighing hopper. Then, the right amount of water at the right temperature is dosed and added to the flour. This is done based on the kinetic heating of the dough during kneading. That way, the dough temperature constantly remains the same.

SILOBA offers a complete range of water mixing and measuring devices, as well as water coolers.

Weighing and dosing your raw materials?

Curious about the options and solutions for your production unit? A perfect weighing and dosing process guarantees a high-quality finished product that makes you stand out. We are happy to review your business needs and to work out a customised solution.



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