Pneumatic transport

Transport systems

Pneumatic transport uses air pressure: positive (pressure transport) or negative pressure variations (vacuum). An air filter is always present as well. It filters the used air before the air is evacuated.

Underneath the silo, we install an extraction system that moves the raw materials into the air transport. Why? For an optimal departure of the granules or powders to their final destination. The major advantage of this type of transport is that the line from the silo to the tap point is always blown or sucked empty after the dosage has passed. That way, you prevent contamination of the raw materials, even if the same pneumatic line is used for several silos.

Pressure or vacuum

There are two different types of pneumatic transport:

  • Air pressure:
    Uses positive pressure variations, perfect for long distances and also frequently used in hybrid transport systems. The pump is installed at the start of the transport line.
  • Vacuum:
    Works with negative pressure differences and is perfect for long distances and high capacities. The pump is installed at the end of the transport line.


  • Lines are always cleared following the transport
  • Can be installed with short and angled bends
  • Flexible: both high and low transport capacities
  • Different products can be transported through the same line without contamination
  • For indoor and outdoor silos

Pneumatic transport is a good option if there is a large distance between the silo (or big bag) and the destination. Maximum range: 150 metres.

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