Big bag


Some raw materials will be delivered to you in big bags, to avoid small packaging. Or they may be delivered in a special loading area, but you still have to store them. Big bags are the perfect choice for raw materials subject to a lower monthly use than a silo. In addition to lowering your investment, you can effortlessly combine them with a safe and hygienic unloading bay. The additional benefit? Increased flexibility, because sometimes you may want to change the contents quickly.

Big bags exist in various sizes for both very large and more limited volumes. They are connected to the transport line, commonly based on spiral, vacuum or pressure transport.

  • Compact
  • Dust-free
  • Ergonomic
  • Very hygienic
  • Wide assortment
  • A specific type for each application

Big bag unloading bay

A corresponding unloading bay equipped with a hoist places the big bag over an unloading hopper. The latter subsequently pours the contents of the big bag in the transport line. The high-quality unloading equipment ensures adequate hygiene. The risk of contamination or dust generation is reduced to a minimum. You make all the choices related to the execution.

  • Automatic valve
  • Customised frame
  • Integrated vibrating bottom
  • Compatible with all transport systems

Big bag systems for your production line?

A suitable big bag system tailored to your production needs? We guarantee you the best price-quality ratio. Thanks to our experience, know-how and years of collaborating with large manufacturers, you are guaranteed a sound and affordable solution.