Aluminium and stainless-steel silos


Storing raw materials in powdered or granular form near your production unit? In that case, you should opt for aluminium and stainless-steel silos, the perfect design for your bulk storage.

Stainless-steel or aluminium silos can be manufactured in the shape of a rectangle or square, in vertical or horizontal position, fully customised based on the available space. The silo panels are assembled on site thanks to cadmium-plated bolts equipped with seals. On the outside, the panels are reinforced with angle irons or tubular structures. These are installed at regular intervals of each other to provide optimal sturdiness to the structure. The panels are as large as possible to reduce the number of seams to a minimum. The benefit? Extremely flat walls and minimum maintenance.

Stainless-steel silos: standard or customised

The stainless-steel or aluminium silos are available in several standard sizes.

Some production processes and their related work areas require a customised solution. In that case, we start by taking some measurements and then manufacture and assemble adapted silos. That way, your silo or silo series will fit perfectly in the available area.

  • Storage capacity up to 90 m³
  • Optimal use of space
  • Easy cleaning
  • Modular construction
  • Perfect insulation
  • Low friction

In addition, all silos are non-corrosive and certified with a label for the storage of raw materials for the food industry.

Aluminium or stainless-steel silos for your production line?

Looking for a total solution for the storage of your raw materials? We build a comprehensive system (silo + filters + sieves + pumps + …) and assemble it on site. That way, you are guaranteed an optimal and continuous production that meets the highest health and safety standards.