Optimal storage of bulk goods is crucial to guarantee the quality of your finished product. Your silos or big bags therefore meet the highest quality standards. Proven technologies reduce the dust and waste generation to an absolute minimum. Peripheral equipment guarantees an optimal extraction during the filling of the silo or ensures an optimal collection of the bulk goods from the silo.

Based on your product, production process and business space, you can choose from three different systems, for indoor or outdoor operations.

For inside, we recommend that you opt for stainless-steel silos; for outside, maintenance-friendly polyester silos work best. If you work with small quantities of raw materials or frequently change raw materials, we recommend that you choose big bags for the storage of your bulk goods. This type of storage is commonly used in combination with spiral or pressure transport.

The inside of the silos requires (depending on the number of fillings) a thorough cleaning at least once a year. This prevents mould formation. We are happy to take care of the maintenance for you.

Is the silo equipped with a filter? Make sure that the filter cartridges are regularly cleaned and replace them after some time.



For more than 45 years, we have been installing total solutions for the bulk handling of powdered and granular products for food companies, from SMEs to multinationals. Our focus? Personal service and an optimal price-quality ratio.

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