Sifting and mixing

Sifting and mixing

There are times when you do not want to take any risks and strive for 100% purity when sifting raw materials. Or, in your production process, you may enjoy creating a new homogeneous substance after adding a new component. Sifting separates a residue, mixing unites.

Sifting raw materials

When sifting a certain bulk quantity, the undesirable components are removed. Dust is extracted to a separate collecting system or reservoir.

This ensures that only the desired substance remains, in a purified state. Perfect for certain production processes that must meet the highest standards with respect to hygiene and health.

Mixing raw materials

Mixing raw materials has a purpose: the homogenisation of a specific batch. This is done by adding certain substances to the main product. In the end, a uniform volume is created.

There are various mixers on the market. We look for the type that fits your production line.

Solution for your production process?

Do you need advice for the sifting and/or mixing of your bulk raw materials? Ask for personal advice and a customised offer. We are happy to visit your site where we can then work out a proposal.



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