Our step-by-step plan

Our step-by-step plan

Are you starting a new business or do you consider expanding? Follow the SILOBA step-by-step plan and draw on our years-long expertise for the design and installation of your automated total solution for bulk handling. Service and maintenance included.

SILOBA step-by-step plan

Tell us everything about your plans to give us a comprehensive picture of the situation. During the briefing, we would also like to learn more about the volumes to be expected, the required capacity, space, etc.

Then, we will check out your work site. Why? To identify your specific needs for an optimal solution.

Once we know all the details, we can get started. Specifically: We identify how may silos of which type are needed and work out a comprehensive plan that includes transport, filters, extraction systems, etc.

We buy the silos, sieves and pumps from renowned suppliers, while we make the smaller parts ourselves, including covers and funnels.

Getting a clear picture of your future installation? For this purpose, we provide you with a 3D design, created in Inventor. At least for certain parts.

Our assembly team installs your system with the utmost care: silos, pipelines, extraction units, filters, etc., so you can efficiently store, transport and possibly filter/sift your products. The challenge? The perfect finishing guaranteeing you a perfect start.

All our parts are ATEX-tested. This is required, because we work in an environment with explosive dust.

Do you want your installation to undergo a thorough inspection at regular times? A periodic maintenance visit? Or maybe an urgent repair?

To ensure continuity, we are always ready to assist you promptly. Even if it involves a technical defect of one of the parts. That’s why we collaborate with reliable manufacturers that are quick to provide support.


For more than 45 years, we have been installing total solutions for the bulk handling of powdered and granular products for food companies, from SMEs to multinationals. Our focus? Personal service and an optimal price-quality ratio.

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